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    About Me

    Hi, I’m Annette Campo, LMFT. Welcome to my practice.

    Since 2007, I’ve been helping people discover ways to better cope with their depression, anxiety and other life stressors based on their individual strengths and unique experiences. Studies show that that a good therapeutic relationship is crucial in helping the client connect with their therapist and to get the most from their counseling experience. It is my belief that a collaborative, strengths-based and relational approach to therapy is what fosters change.

    I also believe that being present, and coming from a place of curiosity and compassion, helps my client’s grow. Using Postmodern and Client Centered therapeutic approaches, as well as employing Mindfulness-based interventions, I help individuals become more aware of their issues so that they can better manage their moods, improve their relationships and help them cope more effectively with whatever life throws their way.

    As a graduate of Antioch University Los Angeles, located in one of the most culturally-diverse cities in the country, I came to understand and celebrate cultural differences. I also have a background in the entertainment industry and in television news, which I believe allowed me to learn about what makes us different, but also so similar. Now as a therapist, I bring this knowledge with me in helping me connect with people from all walks of life.

    If you are searching for a therapist who will partner with you on your journey towards wellness, please give me a call.

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